A Graduate of First Presbyterian Day School will be

A Lifelong Learner

academically prepared with knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to succeed in university studies, preparation for career, and as an independent lifelong learner

Challenged by the Gospel

grounded in the Gospel and its implications, with the tools to grow spiritually and understand and apply a Biblical worldview and ethic

Equipped for Wellness

equipped with knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to live a healthy and responsible lifestyle

Self-Aware & Growing

confidently developing academic, artistic, and/or athletic gifts and interests and using them in fulfilling and impactful ways while appreciating the gifts and interests of others

Engaged and Persuasive

able to winsomely participate in the public marketplace of ideas as a listener and communicator – understanding, critiquing, and challenging worldviews and their implications – working effectively with others of diverse viewpoints and backgrounds while maintaining integrity of beliefs

Sensitive to Others

cognizant of the needs of others and the community and challenged to participate in meeting those needs